Parametric Mutation


“Mutations result from damage to DNA which is not repaired, errors in the process of replication, or from the insertion or deletion of segments of DNA by mobile genetic elements.”, Bertram, John S. (December 2000). “The molecular biology of cancer

Our specie evolved based on random sequences of errors applied to our very first life principal, survival.
In digital realm, one of the first priorities are preventing errors. However like nature, errors are inevitable. In this trial of parametric contouring implication, an error in the script caused few dynamic openings on the contours. The geometry mutated from a known result through an error into a new geometry.

Explode object by face, Python script, Maya


You might wonder why exploding objects into faces in Maya is such a pain! well, paste the following python script in the script editor to explode object into faces. Select your object first, then run the script.

Python Code:

import maya.cmds as mc
cLst =
faces = mc.polyEvaluate(cLst,f=True)

def divLag(b):
 mc.polyChipOff (cLst[0]+".f[0:%d]"%faces,kft=False,dup=False)
 mc.polySeparate (cLst,rs=True,n="piece#")
 vLst =
 return vLst

print divLag(faces)



Here is the Tutorial if you do not know where the script editor is and how to insert and run the code: